Guard Your Heart


Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it. Proverbs 4:23 (NIV)


Why is it important to guard your heart? Because things don't just happen overnight. Every action we take sprouts from a single thought. But your heart does not merely mean thoughts and emotions but also your identity and character. Your heart is essentially who you are.

Here are three main ways to guard our heart.

Speech–Watch our speech. One way to know someone's heart is by observing what they consistently talk about. They can hide their true thoughts for awhile but not for long. Make it a habit to actively listen to what others are saying (including our own speech). It can be a great indicator of who we are and what we always think about.

Sight–Know where you are going. We are bombarded with tonnes of news and information nowadays, many of which are garbage and have nothing to do with what we want to achieve, or even distract us. Fix your eyes on the goal so you know where you heading towards. (that does not mean not enjoying the process, you may check out my previous post; happy to discuss further)

Step–Watch where we go. Evaluate ourselves regularly in order to check if we are heading towards the direction that we intend to. If not, we need to make adjustments to make sure we are back on the right track.

Guarding your heart is simple but nothing good comes without hard work. Fail to plan means plan to fail. Start guarding your heart today by practising those three steps.

Keep learning!


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