Struggle with the Problem

When something is important, you do it even if the odds are not in your favour.–Elon Musk


Nothing great comes easy. I cannot give an example of great things that were achieved easily; be it a career, family life, relationship, even a skill or hobby. In other words, obstacles or challenges are inevitable in the journey of being great. Overcoming them is exactly what takes you to the other side of the mountain. When you struck off those struggles like dust on your shoulders, by simply letting go of them, you are giving up amazing opportunities to learn and grow.

Sometimes, we do need to learn to let go. But not until we have learnt from the problem and that means we have tried and struggled long enough to get to that stage. We don’t have the licence to give up till then.

Your problems, don’t simply let them go away. Struggle with them, wrestle with them, don’t let these learning opportunities go easy until you have learnt from them.

And sometimes, if we try hard enough, we could actually overcome and arrive the other side of the mountain.



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