Hearty Episode

Hearty episode with my helper this afternoon.

I was having difficulty in buttoning up a top, so I went to Jen for help.

Jen: That’s a really nice top

Me: Thank you. I love it too.

Jen: When you get married, the buttons will be your husband’s.

When I turned around and looked at her in the eye, they were lit up and she had a wide smile on her face.

This is love. She wants the best for me. And so do I.

Be the change you wish to see

The famous quote by Gandhi, ‘You must be the change you wish you see in the world.’ For many years, I haven’t fully understood the quote. Mainly because I didn’t care enough. In fact, I would say I used to be quite an indifferent person.

Until one day, for whatever reason, I started to care. I started to realise there are things in my own world that are not doing well.

So what do we do? Out of human nature, I started off with complaining. But when one evaluates (click here to see my previous post) the situation, one would soon realise that another ounce of complaint would not change the situation, if not make it worse. In fact, since I am in the world, I am guilty of the undesirable situation.

Rather than complaining and indulging in self-pity, take ownership and be the change you wish to see.

So I started to BE the change.

You can do something today, to change the world you’re in.


Give and Gain

One person gives freely, yet gains even more; another withholds unduly, but comes to poverty. -Proverbs 11:24

Many people work really hard in order to support their families and most importantly have a comfortable and early retirement.
Imaginative dialogue:
Me: You work so hard to earn more money now. So what would you do during your retirement?
Workaholics: Spend time with family and friends, perhaps travel to places, here and there.
Me: But I am already doing those things.

The proverb verse presented today is in total contradiction to what the world tells us. Is it better if we had more possessions? How is it that a person gains even more when one gives. What are the gains? What are the losses? What really matters to you at the end of the day? Possessions? Fame? Relationships?

Having the end in mind will help us in making wiser decisions today.


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Guard Your Heart


Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it. Proverbs 4:23 (NIV)


Why is it important to guard your heart? Because things don't just happen overnight. Every action we take sprouts from a single thought. But your heart does not merely mean thoughts and emotions but also your identity and character. Your heart is essentially who you are.

Here are three main ways to guard our heart.

Speech–Watch our speech. One way to know someone's heart is by observing what they consistently talk about. They can hide their true thoughts for awhile but not for long. Make it a habit to actively listen to what others are saying (including our own speech). It can be a great indicator of who we are and what we always think about.

Sight–Know where you are going. We are bombarded with tonnes of news and information nowadays, many of which are garbage and have nothing to do with what we want to achieve, or even distract us. Fix your eyes on the goal so you know where you heading towards. (that does not mean not enjoying the process, you may check out my previous post; happy to discuss further)

Step–Watch where we go. Evaluate ourselves regularly in order to check if we are heading towards the direction that we intend to. If not, we need to make adjustments to make sure we are back on the right track.

Guarding your heart is simple but nothing good comes without hard work. Fail to plan means plan to fail. Start guarding your heart today by practising those three steps.

Keep learning!

Intentional accidents

There's no accidents.

I don't believe in accidents. I think there's always something we can learn from in everything.

One way to do that is to ask ourselves questions.
What I am learning here?
How am I reacting to the incident?
Why am I reacting that way?
How would I like myself to react if similar things occur again?

These questions will help us intentionally learn from the expected AND the unexpected, understand more about ourselves and guide us to live more fulfilling lives.

Making Stuff

There's something about using our pair of hands. Something good about making things that brings us alive and satisfies our soul.

We now live in a world where we are consumers rather than creators. We can get anything we want, anytime we want with just a click of a button. We have somehow lose touch with our creativity and the ability to generate ideas.

Try making something today; be it a new dish, a small card, or even a blog post. See if you feel that something in you.


Not just Bad Luck

“Experience teaches nothing, but evaluated experience teaches everything”

~ John C. Maxwell

Once in a while, bad things happen to us. We might suffer. We might feel upset. But most of us would say it's just bad luck.

But when bad things happen over and over again, then it is no longer bad luck but is the result of bad thinking processes.

As Einstein has once said, 'We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.'

In order to develop better thinking, we need to rely on reflection. Reflection is not a sexy word and it certainly isn't an easy task. It is often at the bottom of our priority list as it takes time, energy, and the courage to admit that we did wrong. To admit that our judgements are after all flawed at times.

But it is a necessary process to take in order to avoid suffering again, to change and to grow.



Just Sing

Have you ever wonder when two people are having exactly the same experience, one might enjoy it so much more whilst the other completely hate it. What sort of mindset separates them? How come different people would have completely different feedback regarding the same thing.

Back in school, I joined something called the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

To obtain the Gold award, one has to complete the following sections:

I know that's a long list of activities to complete in one year. On top of that, I was probably out of my mind at the time and did not anticipate walking 80-96 kilometers over the course of a four day / three night expedition in the wilderness.

On the first day, I literally thought I was not going to survive the journey. After navigating, hiking and treading 20 kilometres of mountains and hills, with over 16 pounds worth of supply and tents, we finally arrived our first campsite, which was actually in the middle of nowhere. We didn't think much but just built our tents on somewhere that looked flat. We then cooked our own food and the water took forever to boil. Finally, you got to cramp in a small tent with three other people. As I laid down my sore, sweaty body (no shower of course), hoping for a nice rest, it turned out the piece of grass had three dried, harden cow poo on it. My back felt like it was punched after a full night's sleep.

So you get the idea. Our lives were basically just hiking, cooking and sleeping. We lived to survive. Dragging our bodies along just to get to the end.

That's one way of looking at the journey. That was the way I looked at it at the time.

But recently I have learnt something.


Singing changes our hearts and minds. It can somehow make everything seemingly better. It allows us to enjoy the journey in a different light. An art in which to make the process a valuable experience instead of simply aiming to reach the goal or the destination.

Our lives are a bit like the Duke of Edinburgh Journey. We didn't anticipate it to be full of challenges and obstacles. We cannot make the trail shorter, or make the weather better; those are external factors. But whatever it is that you are faced with, just sing. In no time, we will arrive our destination.